final humans

The Premise

This is a story of strength, courage, acceptance, knowledge, and wisdom. Follow these 6 friends who live an anti-social life in a social media world. Everyday is a journey to make money, have clout, acceptance, and fame. Each character has delusions of grandeur, with their own personal dreams to fit in and make it by just being themselves. The tale follows 6 friends through their trials and tribulations, struggles, ups and downs, relationships, social distancing, and acceptance, while trying to keep it as real as possible. Follow this colorful cast and their stories as they navigate through adulthood, along with celebrity guest appearances on their way up, out, in or down.

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Final Humans Animated Video


Buying one of these NFT’s gets you a front row seat on an experience of helping to create the story line of a new animated series with potential celebrity guest appearances and the chance to win cash prizes.


100 SOL Giveaway

100 SOL giveaway after the first 25% of Final Humans minted


100 SOL Giveaway

Start development of merchandise store with access given to Final Human Holders

Holders who own one of each character will get shipped free merchandise


100 SOL Giveaway

Start community wallet with 250 SOL for episode drop giveaways, charity or other community initiatives.

After each episode drop SOL from the community wallet will be given away.


100 SOL Giveaway

Holders receive 30% of post mint generated revenue through claim airdrops!

Watch and earn animated series where you can win cash prizes by holding characters that appear in an episode

Stake your NFT for passive rewards

50% Royalties given back to the community for secondary market sales

Are you a musician? Holders can submit their music to be featured in the series!

Are you an NFT Founder? We're building partnerships with other brands and featuring them in the series

Community Voting on Storyline for each episode

Showcase member chosen charity after each episode drop to help the community give back

SOL giveaway after every episode drop!

Plans start for new character development


The Final Humans


Eric Kenji Wong

An Asian American, son of a doctor and housewife. From a family of immigrants who migrated from Asia to the US and speaks Mandarin. Raised in upper middle-class suburbs. He is more interested in following his passion of owning his own tech platform vs going to med school, as his parents had hoped. He gained recognition and all his peers are very impressed by his talents and math skills. Known for developing interesting programs to make money, he will be earning more than both of his parents.


Ricky Darius

An African American activist, dubbed the "King of Lost Causes ". His energized interpretations, combined with a potent mix of influences across color lines leads him to great success and controversy. He was born in a small town and relocated to a major city and attended a new school and was initially regarded as a loner. Now he has friends who can relate to him on different levels. He is the coolest out of the group and likes to share a lot about his culture and background with aspirations to become “The Man”.


Cam Blake

An American college student, actor and musician who experimented and struggled with drug use which threatened his future; he was expelled and re-enrolled in school on several occasions due to his outgoing and adventurous behavior. He was raised in the suburbs along with his three siblings, raised as a Christian, and is very outgoing and loves being the life of every party. Cam is very fond of the Black culture and is often accused of “acting” Black.


Jo Liz

Is an American daughter of dysfunctional parents. She is a gamer who had a very interesting childhood. She is not shy when it comes to expressing herself. After completing her first year in high school she moved to the suburbs and found friends who are compatible with her way of life. When she graduated, she started working odd jobs, like painting, waiting tables and bartending. Her dream is to become a great influencer in the metaverse so she can be herself without being judged by anyone.


Rudy Mateo

A first-generation Latino American, who has a family history of problems that has followed his family from their native country. He almost dropped out of school to help support his family, but was able to complete high school while working at the family-owned business. To make ends meet, he does other unruly jobs trying to do the right thing and has had a few close run-ins with the local street gangs over women. Rudy Mateo is trying to figure out which direction to go in, either, a life of crime, his family, the ladies, his passion for art or getting lost in the Metaverse forever.


Kyle Allen

A European American, son of a bookkeeper and jeweler. From a family of European immigrants who migrated to the U.S. Kyle speaks with a slight accent. He is known for orchestrating and organizing social activities to make money around his electronic music talent which conflicts with his parent’s idea of him having a professional career which doesn’t align with their traditions.


Commonly Asked Questions

Mint date will be October 3rd.

The Final Humans collection will be available on the Solana network.

The Final Humans are a collection of 6,000 NFTs.

Whitelist presale will be 0.75 SOL. The public sale price will be 1 SOL

Join the Final Humans on their animated adventures through the metaverse to find out. You will even be able to help shape the story along the way!







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